"It’s simply inexpressible to insert a single moment of this whole world in frames to share it with others. The only determining is the tiny fraction of this single second.”

Maulwurfshuegel Photography are two photographers focused on people, lifestyle & landscape photography based near Stuttgart in South Germany. Born in Novo Pawlowka, Russia / Berlin, Germany in 1987 & 1988 Katharina Kehm and Johannes Hartig studied Photodesign at the FDS Pforzheim from 2009 to 2011. After finishing their photographic school in 2011 both steadily increased their interests in photography and started working at the commercial & advertising sector from 2012. After assisting several photographers - as for example Michael Schnabel, Matthias Müller, Johannes Mink etc. - Katharina and Johannes started a cooperation named Maulwurfshuegel Photography in 2013. The idea of working together already emerged some years earlier which also was eponymous for the name Maulwurfshuegel. The profound knowledge in analog and digital imaging combined with their passion for photography, art & design is elementary part of their work and also the creative engine both are continuously driven by.

Improving their technical and practical skills by being more and more focused on their projects during the years 2014 and 2015 Johannes became an official junior member of the BFF Photographers Association early 2016. Beside their commercial portfolio Katharina Kehm & Johannes Hartig are permanently working on their personal documentary-, landscape- & artwork-series which are important artistic elements to express themselves in the photographic way. Some of those works received several nominations including the International Photography Awards (IPA) and the Prix de la Photographie Awards (PX3) in 2016 and can be seen at some private collections. Currently both are intensifying their projects with other creatives and are excited about what the next years will bring.


Katharina Kehm & Johannes Hartig


Commerzbank // Renault // Rössle & Wanner // IG Metall // Porsche // k.makarova // Juwelier Zimmer // Eraffe Media // Sabine Mescher Visual Communication // Michaela Storz Makeup & Hair // Publicis Paris // Thjnk Hamburg



  Graphis Photography Annual "Through The Woods" Gold Award 2018 // Graphis Photography Annual "Schichtwechsel" Merit Award 2018 // Communication Arts Photography "Through The Woods" Shortlist 2018 // Communication Arts Photography "Schichtwechsel" Shortlist 2018


Lürzer's 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide // PX3 le Prix de la Photographie Paris "Dunes, 2016" Honorable Mention 2017 // Athens Photo Festival Shortlist 2017 // The Independent Photographer "Deserts - Survey #4" Finalist 2017 // Communication Arts Photography "Islands" Shortlist 2017 // Graphis Photography Annual "Fields" Merit Award 2017


International Color Award "Islands I, 2014" Honorable Mention 2016 // PX3 le Prix de la Photographie Paris „Beauty Project“ Honorable Mention 2016 // IPA Award „Treetops“ Honorable Mention 2016 // IPA Award „Deserts“ Honorable Mention 2016 // IPA Award „Fields“ Honorable Mention 2016 // IPA Award "Roofs" Honorable Mention 2016



Autoalbum 05 Seltmann + Söhne


Graphis Photography Annual 2018 // Graphis Journal #359


  Blickfang Deutschlands Beste Fotografen 2017 // Portraitalbum 04 Seltmann + Söhne // ICA Journal No. 7 // BFF Magazine No. 7 // The Independent Photographer - Talent Of The Year Book 2017 // Graphis Photography Annual 2017


The Blickfang Journal 2013



BFF Trigger - Regierungspräsidium - Karlsruhe (DE) // BFF Trigger - Altes Hallenbad - Feldkirch (AT)


BFF Trigger - Zeil - Frankfurt (DE) // IP Annual Exhibition - Galerie Eigenheim - Berlin (DE) // BFF Photoweeks - Haus der Wirtschaft - Stuttgart (DE)